E! News covers Jenni Rivera hologram event in Hollywood

October 31, 2016 Posted By: fotv

E! news covered Hologram USA's Jenni Rivera hologram show.

E! Network’s flagship entertainment news program E! News covered the surprise Jenni Rivera hologram at the Day of the Dead Festival in L.A., quoting Jenni’s hologram as saying, “This is where I was born, in Los Angeles. This is where I first sang, where the audience first applauded me, launched my career and believed in me,” the crowd heard a recording of the late singer say. “It’s the same audience that is still here with me. Thank you for your love. I hope you guys all have fun tonight and are satisfied and that this party that we have here in L.A. every year is also unforgettable”

The story explains that Hologram USA is the leader in all things hologram including major deceased celebrity hologram tributes such as the planned Whitney Houston stage show. FOTV Networks which owns Hologram USA said in a statement that the Jenni Rivera hologram is the first ever Latin Music hologram. Family members reported being in tears, they were so moved by the HD likeness of Jenni on stage.

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