Music Row Interviews Hologram USA after Hunter Hayes Stunt on Jimmy Kimmel

November 9, 2016 Posted By: fotv

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The bible of the country music industry, Music Row, interviewed Hologram USA’s David Nussbaum about the partnership with Disney/ABC and Jimmy Kimmel which beamed Kimmel to the CMA Awards after party in Nashville and created a one-of-a-kind hologram performance with the rising country star Hunter Hayes.

Kimmel appeared as a hologram in Nashville live from his own sounds stage in Hollywood. Hayes appeared accompanying himself as his own band with multiple holograms.

Asked about the partnership with Kimmel, which goes back three years now, Nussbaum said:

“Jimmy Kimmel’s producers originally thought it would be cool to beam Jimmy in real time from his studio in Hollywood, while he was doing his monologue in front of his studio audience, to the CMA Theater in Nashville. The folks in Nashville saw him as if he was really there and we had a reverse feed going back to him, so Jimmy could hear, see and interact with the audience whether it be in there or anywhere around the world.

Then we beamed Florida Georgia Line from the CMA Theater back to Hollywood. Never had that been done before, where we had sent one person one way, and an entire musical group in another direction. Last year we sent The Band Perry back in real time, performing from Nashville on Kimmel’s outside, 40-foot stage in Hollywood, and we did a fun multiplicity thing with Guillermo. This year we took that idea and made it less silly.

It was always an idea of mine to have a really talented, single performer perform live with their holograms. All the stars aligned, Hunter was in to the idea, so we filmed him playing four different ways during the same song with our special hologram technique. Then my editors put all the images together, added depth and shadows, to create an entire band of Hunter Hayes’. I appreciate everyone at Kimmel for giving us the opportunity.”

Asked about other Hologram USA projects, Nussbaum said:

“A lot of people know of this technology because of what we’re able to do bringing the dead back to life to perform posthumously. But not many people know about the ability to beam anyone from anywhere and even multiply them.

We also sent the actor Jack Black form Los Angeles to Madrid, live via hologram so he could be at a press junket for that he couldn’t be at because he was filming a movie. A journalist would sit down with his live hologram every ten minutes over the course of two hours. So he was able to promote it in real time to Europe without ever leaving Los Angeles. He did print and video—some TV shows like the Extra’s and Access Hollywood’s of Spain all ran it.

Live concerts are the future of this technology. It makes a lot of sense as a new way for people to experience live entertainment. For example, I can bring anybody back with the approval of the estate of the late icons. Name an artist, if the estate sees value in it, we would create a hologram that can live in residency, as a museum piece or go on a real hologram concert tour.”

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